“You will remember my name…”
Aretha’s classic ‘Who’s Zoomin’ Who?’ hit record stores on this day in 1985! What’s your favorite track?


Me and the masterful @suemonkkidd had some deeeeeppppp convos about my book #MoreMyself and her book #TheBookofLongings 💜💜💜
I love her! This was so gooooood!!!! Get into it with us on my YouTube channel: https://AliciaKeys.lnk.to/AKSMK

We’re already halfway through the year. I know times have been tough & as a gift to all of u for being the best, I have a little code for u to get 50% off my shoe collection🎉All u have to do is enter code LOVEJLO for 50% off until 7/15. http://DSW.com/JLo to shop✨#JLovers


Twitter feed video.✊🏾https://t.co/Ra3zrQRwgw

It's been 30 years since @llcoolj dropped "Illegal Search," but the lyrics still ring true today — and as he tells @mr1loveTO in our new interview, hip-hop continues to be a powerful tool to address social injustice.

Watch more: https://bit.ly/38D5slk

District Attorney elections are crucial to changing our criminal justice system. August is a big month for D.A. races in AZ, FL, and MI. I’m closely following the upcoming elections on August 4th and 18th, and there are 5 candidates I am paying close attention to.

Can’t believe this interview was over 20 years ago and still stands true today…. We’re all human… and that’s that. #EqualOpportunity 🌍✨❤️

Even though we're back with a repeat tonight I want to hear about some of your fav moments from @NBCWorldofDance so far!!!! Tweet me your favorite moments from this season and I might follow you ♥️🤫🕺💃#WorldOfDance

Catch up with @nbcworldofdance tonight!!! In case you missed last weeks episode, we’re back again with the duels! 🥊✨👏🏼 #NBCWorldOfDance

Being in your arms is the Best Place. My safest place. My heart is full. My heart cup runs over. I feel like a little kid excited for each day with you! I thank God for how he’s blessed us & placed you in my life everyday! I love you so much @DangeRussWilson Happy 4 Years to US!


Twitter feed video.😡😡😡

Trigger warning :Repost “Mayor Bob O'Dekirk needs to explain why they suppressed 5mo old video of #EricLurry being slapped, having his nose held for 98sec, losing consciousness, and dying in police custody” Another Black man was killed

My 18 year old cousin Breyana sang this for Breonna Taylor on what would have been her 27th birthday. It has been a month since then and Breonna’s killers have not been charged. Call the KY AG Daniel Cameron at 502-696-5300 and demand he charge the officers. #JusticeForBreonna 🖤

Behind the scenes footage from my ‘Perfect Way to Die’ video. This song is SO powerful and means so much in this time right now. While I am a mother, I could NEVER understand what it’s like to lose my children.


Thank you to our essential workers! In order to follow social distancing guidelines, The Boston Pops will be sharing past performances this 4th of July at 8pm ❤️#ABostonPopsSalutetoourHeroes

This Independence Day, I am simply asking everyone to celebrate by getting LOUD. 🎆 #LetsGetLoud by using our voices, by changing the race and age voting gap, and driving everyone to the polls to vote this November.

Let’s ride🔥🔥🔥

Twitter feed video.Let’s ride🔥🔥🔥
Rock The Bells@RockTheBells

Rock The Bells Radio got you covered all weekend long with mixes from the freshest DJs 💥 SXM CHANNEL 43


Everyone, please #WearAMask and social distance this weekend and for the foreseeable future until we beat this disease! Regardless of our inept national leadership, we can make our own decisions to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe. #WearAMask #WearAMask #WearADamnMask

Our friend Dominique created these two pieces of incredible artwork exclusively from guitar picks.

She's auctioning them both off with 50% of the proceeds going to @MusiCares. Check her out on http://www.DominiqueArt.com

1: https://www.ebay.com/itm/203038709787
2: https://www.ebay.com/itm/203038708457

You can’t be The GOAT unless you believe you’re the GOAT... my invention. You’re welcome.

@RockTheBells: https://www.rockthebells.com/blogs/articles/hip-hop-goat

Thousands of protests. 45 arrests. 33 years in Congress. Sometimes change calls for a little trouble. #JohnLewisGoodTrouble is now playing in theaters and on demand. https://bit.ly/WatchJLGT Thank you @EAlexTheGreat for producing such a powerful and important film 🖤

If justice would sway you there would be nothing to talk about @DjayCameron 🧐 Retweet & share this!! Send an easy email using this: https://tinyurl.com/y8a5kfdp to let these heartless people know we won’t ever let up!!!! #JusticeForBreoannaTaylor

Pregnancy during Covid has been a unique experience! While it’s also been challenging, I’m truly grateful to be surrounded by my family during this time. So proud of these beautiful photos taken by My Hubby @DangeRussWilson, and my Sis in Law @A_Willy03 for @BritishVogue. ❤️

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