PA, there are a lot of prosecutorial candidates on the ballot May 21. I’ll be watching what happens in Allegheny County. Your vote in local elections can make a huge impact in determining the future of criminal justice in your communities. Learn more:

Know Your DA in PA

DAs are powerful people in the criminal justice system and they answer to YOU.


Traveling through Bali has been such a blessing ✨✨✨ The people here are some of the kindest I’ve ever met. 💕💕💕
The world is so big and interesting... I revel in our diversities and beautiful differences
Life in a new way!
Feeling lifted and full ✨✨✨

65 years have passed since Brown v. Board of Education, but the schools in our country are still far from equal. I support @integratenyc's efforts to demand racial and cultural integration, and #RetireSegregation once and for all. Sign the constitution: https://t.co/lxNOtjwiGU

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