Let’s Meditate, Thursday:
There needs to be an almighty essence that embodies all the characteristics of one-ness so we can better understand them—a sort of guide between us and one-ness. And this is where the benefits of meditation come in.
If Not You.


TONIGHT! I can’t wait to see who gets unmasked on the @MaskedSingerFOX at 8/7c FOX. Stick around after #TheMaskedSinger for @SeeYourVoiceFOX. #ICanSeeYourVoice

Ju sound the bloody lovelyyyys 🥰👏🏾❤️

Twitter feed video.Ju sound the bloody lovelyyyys 🥰👏🏾❤️
KIRANEE ♪ 🎀@KiraneeMusic

Thank you for all the love on #Nakhre 🤍 I loved writing the Punjabi parts & fusing the classic Laung Gawacha in a 2020 way! It’s been an honour being on this with @jaysean & @MusicByRR for our @breakthenoiser label 🤍 #BreakTheNoiseRecords #Nakhre #JaySean #RishiRich

The Serpent on @MaskedSingerFox is reminding me of someone with that voice. 🤔 Who do you think it could be? Guess with me TONIGHT! #TheMaskedSinger

Haaa! That’s dope! So fun! 😝🔥💥

Twitter feed video.Haaa! That’s dope! So fun! 😝🔥💥

Couldn't get over this song so I made a Bollywood crossover of "Nakhre" with "Ghagra" ✨

@jaysean @MusicByRR @KiraneeMusic @BreakTheNoiseR @MadhuriDixit #RanbirKapoor

#nakhre #jaysean #rishirich #Ghagra #yehjawaanihaideewani #madhuridixit #ranbir

Hahahaha never that bro. Just a few lines! u guys are the kings of that! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️ thanks for the love brother as always

Twitter feed video.Hahahaha never that bro. Just a few lines! u guys are the kings of that! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️ thanks for the love brother as always
Jassi Sidhu@Jassisidhu

This just makes me happy

The CREATORS of urban desi just came back to remind mans

@jaysean not content with conquering the mainstream now showing desi singers up too!

@MusicByRR keema on you playa!

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Twitter feed video.❤️

We're loving all the #BlackGirlMagic 👑 hairstyles @Ciara is serving 🔥😍
Which look is your favourite?

What’s your favorite new trak from the Carter V Deluxe? Text me at 504-226-7020 and lmk!!! Or, just klik this link 🤙🏾 https://my.community.com/lilwayne

Hey fam!! My song with Rish Rich, “Nakhre” is out now in the east!!!! Let me know your thoughts!! I’m so excited for u to hear this! 💥💥🙌🏽❤️

New Hampshire!! Branson Cognac VSOP Grand Champagne is now available at all the 'New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlets' listed below! Pick up your bottle today and make sure you tag me! #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi

The four elements ( Graffiti, DJing, Break Dancing and MCing) have remained through hip-hop’s transition into the 21st century, – an era where hip-hop has become the most popular genre in the world.
#hiphop #rza #wutang

Special Day. #Goodies

Twitter feed video.Special Day. #Goodies
Taylor Payne@TaylorPayne_92

16 Years Ago Today, 18 Year Old @Ciara Dropped Her Debut Album "Goodies". The Album Spawned 3 Top 3 Hot 100 Hits Including the #1 Title Track, Earned Her a Best New Artist GRAMMY Nom, and Sold Over 5 Million Worldwide 🔥

Let’s Meditate, Tuesday:
Moving from activity to stillness during meditation translates into more conscious behaviors during non-meditation. 
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