Very excited to announce a small run of shows in the spring in Switzerland, Germany and Austria including a date at the incredible @elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. Tickets go on sale this Wednesday!

"He was definitely one-of-a-kind, because he never talked down to the children."

From a 2018 retrospective @PBS special, Caroll Spinney on #MisterRogers and the time @BigBird visited the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. @HistoryMuppet @MisterRogersSay

Twitter feed video."He was definitely one-of-a-kind, because he never talked down to the children."

From a 2018 retrospective @PBS special, Caroll Spinney on #MisterRogers and the time @BigBird visited the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. @HistoryMuppet @MisterRogersSay
Fred Rogers Productions@FredRogersPro

We’re truly saddened to hear of the passing of our great friend and neighbor, Caroll Spinney. In this clip from our 2018 retrospective @PBS special, “Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like,” Spinney recalls the time @BigBird visited the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

Lucille & Louis Armstrong creating a festive Christmas atmosphere🎄

#HappyHolidays #ChristmasIsComing #HolidayJazz #HolidaySmoothJazz #LouisArmstrong #ChristmasMusic #JazzMusic

.@jeffyoungdj hr 4 & James Mason @ananesworld Luther Vandross, Richie Cole, Dave Pike @carmenlundy @_ccofficial Cecelia Stalin @quincydjones Banda Black Rio #JazzFunkClassics #TheJourney

.@jeffyoungdj hr 3 & The O'Jays @alisoncrockett @ahmedistheone The Whispers @hilstsoul @patmetheny Cherise, Six Minutes Til Sunrise @MrFrankMccomb #TheJourney

.@jeffyoungdj hr 2 & Cameo @terracemartin @ajoyomusic feat @takutrumpet The Crusaders, Freddie Hubbard @swingoutsister @incognito_world @josejamesmusic feat @ledisi & @cscottjazz Gerardo Frisina #JazzFunkClassics #TheJourney

.@jeffyoungdj from 10 am 1st hr & Booby Womack @harveymasonsr @dalatamusic @bluelabbeats The Emotions, Masok, Isabelle Antena @jlawsings project Orpheus, Papik, AliKe @richiegoods Mat M #QuietStorm #TheJourney

Thank you for joining us for a special evening to celebrate the game-changing sounds and styles of #DaveBrubeck for the 60th anniversary of Time Out. For more of the best jazz, soul and blues, keep listening to Jazz FM #TimeOut60

"Pick Up Sticks, meaning drumsticks... It might have been an inside joke because Paul did not want Joe to play with sticks because he wanted Joe to play softly with brushes... that argument was going on at that time when I wrote Pick Up Sticks!" Brubeck on Pick Up Sticks #TimeOut

"Everybody's Jumpin'" is a strong sound with impressive beat ringing at every bar. While the key ranges, it builds to brilliant heights with a momentary solo from Morello – listen until the end to hear it #TimeOut60

“Kathy’s Waltz” begins in triple time before descending into a rocking slow 4. Piano and drums are intertwined by the careful work of Wright and Morello but that doesn’t help for the less light-footed listener! It’s a magnificent and complex sound #TimeOut60

"Kathy’s Waltz was named after my daughter Catherine who was always dancing and dancing really funny steps. So It starts as Kathy jumping around the room in 4/4 and then goes into a waltz which is Kathy’s Waltz." Dave Brubeck #TimeOut60

"We all got to go to university" - @dariusbrubeck reflects on how Dave Brubeck achieved financial success with 'Time Out' (and how @ColumbiaRecords were hesitant to release it!) #TimeOut60

"Three to Get Ready" is now playing on Jazz FM. What begins as a waltz theme in C major develops into a piece with metrical scheme with a beautiful solo from http://Brubeck.as he cascades through the light and foot-tapping accompaniments #TimeOut60

"Take Five" was composed by Paul Desmond in 5/4 – a defiant and revelatory time signature. This is evened by the constant vamp figure from Brubeck throughout, despite some whimsical drum solos from Morello. Get down and swing to Take Five with Jazz FM #TimeOut60

“Strange Meadow Lark” opens with Brubeck playing rubato, with some overtones of 3's and 4's. The phrase length is an unusual 10 bars. His performance is deft & daring, supported by Eugene Wright & Joe Morello. The piece closes with Paul Desmond’s ethereal saxophone #TimeOut60

"Blue Rondo à la Turk" is playing on Jazz FM. The track was named for its use of the Turkish aksak rhythm. It is written in 9/8 time, with one side theme in 4/4


‘Time Out’ was one of 50 recordings chosen by @librarycongress to be added to the National Recording Registry in 2005. Each year, the Registry chooses recordings showcasing the range & diversity of American recorded sound to preserve historic moments for safekeeping #TimeOut60

"My mother's tremendous belief in his talent was an amazing thing" - @DariusBrubeck gives us an insight into family life travelling with Dave Brubeck Quartet

Official biographer Philip Clark shares his thoughts on Dave Brubeck’s rhythm and unique approach, which went against the interests of the label & the listener. He says that rehearsals for recording Take Five “sounded like students trying to play Brubeck”! #TimeOut60

“I wanted to do an experimental album using time signatures that weren’t usual in Jazz. If you’re alone & just riding miles & miles with just nothing but you & your horse & the horse going along at a steady gait, I would start thinking of rhythms ... from the horse’s hooves”

You’re listening to Time Out at 60 on Jazz FM. It’s a family affair! Listen in to Darius Brubeck and his take on his father’s process, the hurdles he faced to push an unconventional album and funding his own record #TimeOut60

Join us now for a very special programme of #DaveBrubeck’s ‘Time Out,’ with Jazz FM's own Helen Mayhew introducing archive footage from the great man himself and family and friends, plus a full play of the seminal album across the hour #TimeOut60

On the 60th anniversary of 'Time Out', Dave Brubeck's biographer Philip @MusicClerk tells us why the album had such appeal...

"All you need is love and macarons." - anonymous

WGBH Digital Producer @meghansmith55 on the "macaron-maker-in-chief" that's churning out local favorites like the Unicorn Poop ice cream sandwich at @bow_market's @MacaBoston: https://www.wgbh.org/dining-out/2019/12/13/meet-tamy-chung-the-macaron-queen-of-somerville

Craig Kessler's Jazz Corner of the World, Noon-4 pm - Verve Records in 1959. Craig looks back 60 years to many of the classiest jazz records ever made by jazz greats Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Hodges, Sonny Stitt, Mel Torme, Ben Webster, Oscar Peterson and others.

Earlier this year, @wgbhnews reporter @gabrieman reported on the little-known Reverse Freedom Rides, a white segregationist plan to expose what they saw as the hypocrisy of liberal northern cities.

She joined @NPRCodeSwitch for their latest episode →

The Reverse Freedom Rides

Many people have heard of the Freedom Rides of 1961, when black and white civil rights activists rode buses together to the South to protest segregati...


Hey, @DesmondHoward, there are probably few people watching @CollegeGameDay that will notice that absolutely perfect Windsor knot your are sporting today; but I do. Well done, sir.

We’re live chatting to Simon Thomas the CEO of the Hippodrome... He’s chatting to us about the history of the venue and some of the incredible artists who have performed here!

Here is the first Jazz band to play at the Hippodrome. The Dixieland Jazz Band!
Celebrating with us today we have the Kansas Smitty's House Band, Cecilia Stalin, Tony Momrelle & Joe Stilgoe plus an exclusive chat from Jazz expert Catherine Tackley! Join us on air from 10!

Up next, @elliot_moss brings you Jazz Shapers w/@Mishcon_de_Reya. @Mark_E_Wright, former @bbcapprentice winner & Founder + Director of Climb Online, joins Elliot to discuss his results-driven digital marketing agency, his early mistakes and his relationship with fame and money.

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