New play brings conversation about teen mental health to local high schools. @svalicea has the story: https://t.co/wR22IcgUC4

📸: Elise Bakkentun/Courtesy of Seattle Children's Theatre

Tonight from 9pm on the Ronnie Scott's Radio Show with @ianshawjazz we welcome @lisafischersing @SarahWellerBand and @NiecyOfficial #DenieceWilliams to the programme #DontMissIt @officialronnies #RonnieScotts #Jazz #seeyouthen #RonnieScotts60

On Nigel Williams Saturday show from 10 - he is joined by Brazilian music legend Sergio Mendes, who plays Cheltenham Jazz Festival this year and New Orleans saxophonist Branford Marsalis tells us about his new album “The Secret Between the Shadow and the Soul”.

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The @Mariners opened their regular season against the Oakland A's in Tokyo. In the second game, the Mariners — and a sold-out crowd — honored Ichiro Suzuki as he retired from professional baseball. Listen to @Art_Thiel's weekly chat with @KNKXKirsten: https://t.co/bcXWZSPaiR

Culture Crawl 435 “World Premiere” https://t.co/7aWINPiMLJ @riverdogRT @dgreencr


@OpenStudioWGBH's @JaredWGBH with a tip of the cap to productions from @ArtsEmerson, @GBStageCompany, and @FE_theatre for his latest ARTS THIS WEEK feature: https://t.co/kDb9DjStPE

Today on the #WGBHMural - On this date in 1992, the @UN established #WorldWaterDay to focus attention on the importance of freshwater and advocate for the sustainable management of its resources.

Check out the WGBH Digital Mural blog for more: https://t.co/cvipfQMsGG

Join @chrisphilips until 2pm featuring music from...

Robert Glasper and Norah Jones
Herbie Hancock
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Jazzmeia Horn and more.

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FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY! This Saturday, March 23, 2019 ALL ROADS lead to Miramar, Florida. Come down and join us @miramarcultural. Guaranteed WE will have FUN! See you there!
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Listen to an extended interview with Oso landslide survivor Tim Ward, along with the rest of our extended audio. And read our comprehensive, in-depth story by @KariPlog.

MORE: https://t.co/Ma1tuL6UL9 | 📸: @parkermblohm

“I never feel like I’m treated differently because of my gender here in Boston.”

📸: @NBCSBoston’s @trenni at tonight’s “Women Making History” #BostonTalks event

ON AIR NOW: Oso landslide survivor Tim Ward discusses devastation, healing and hope. “I don’t cry as much as I used to," he told @npratc host @edronco. "But I don’t think it will ever go away, and I don’t want it to go away.”

LISTEN: https://t.co/CtGEaLXUuh | 📸: Ted S. Warren

ON AIR SOON: @npratc host @edronco talks with Oso landslide survivor Tim Ward, who lost his wife of 37 years, Brandy. He reflects on the healing process and offers messages of hope moving forward.

LISTEN: https://t.co/CtGEaLGj5H | 📸: Ted S. Warren

MORE ONLINE: Listen to an extended interview with Tom Teigen, one of the officials working to develop an Oso memorial, as part of our comprehensive, in-depth coverage: https://t.co/Ma1tuL6UL9

📸: @parkermblohm

ON AIR NOW: @npratc producer @GeoffreyRedick talks with Tom Teigen, director of the @snocounty parks department. He's been instrumental in the effort to develop a memorial at the site of the Oso landslide.

LISTEN: https://t.co/CtGEaLXUuh | 📸: Joshua Trujillo/AP media pool

“I’m most proud of representing for little girls. They get to see someone with their skin color and their religion having a seat at the table.”

📸: @CouncilorMNB (first Muslim-American woman elected in MA) at tonight’s #BostonTalks on “Women Making History”

MORE ONLINE: Listen to extended interviews with firefighter Jeff McClelland and attorney Emily Harris as part of our comprehensive, in-depth coverage ahead of tomorrow's anniversary of the Oso landslide: https://t.co/Ma1tuL6UL9

📸: @parkermblohm

ON AIR NOW: @Hilary_FranzCPL, commissioner of public lands who leads @waDNR, talks with @npratc host @edronco about the state response in the years following the Oso landslide.

LISTEN: https://t.co/CtGEaLXUuh | MORE: https://t.co/Ma1tuL6UL9

📸: Ted S. Warren/AP

ON AIR NOW: Emily Harris, a partner at the Seattle-based law firm Corr Cronin, represented many of the families affected by the Oso landslide. She also uncovered misconduct in the state AG's office. Listen to her conversation with @npratc host @edronco: https://t.co/CtGEaLGj5H

ON AIR: Jeff McClelland is a Darrington firefighter who responded to the Oso landslide. "I remember looking around and I just started crying," he said. "In 18 years, I had never cried on scene." LISTEN: https://t.co/CtGEaLXUuh

MORE: https://t.co/Ma1tuL6UL9 | 📸: @parkermblohm

EXTENDED INTERVIEWS: You can hear extended versions of the conversations with @gabrielspitzer @phylfletch @rikkiking and @NWhaglund at https://t.co/hZTz2neZnA. Listen to all of our extended interviews and read in-depth coverage now: https://t.co/Ma1tuL6UL9

📸: @parkermblohm

ON AIR NOW: Journalists for the @EverettHerald @rikkiking and @NWhaglund share their experiences covering the aftermath of the Oso landslide, a job that's ongoing five years later.

LISTEN: https://t.co/CtGEaLXUuh | MORE: https://t.co/Ma1tuL6UL9

📸: Elaine Thompson/AP

Having a moment at the 2003 New Orleans @jazzfest. Photo by Leon Morris. #throwbackthursday #tbt

ON AIR SOON: @gabrielspitzer and @phylfletch reflect on their coverage of the Oso landslide on March 22, 2014. @edronco has this story at 3:46 p.m.

LISTEN: https://t.co/CtGEaLXUuh | MORE: https://t.co/Ma1tuL6UL9

📸: Lindsey Wasson/AP media pool

THERE'S A REASON you should watch @wet's amazing acoustic set at our Fraser Performance Studio from earlier this month...

ICYMI: https://t.co/bFG6YGwKAY

NOW: @npratc hosted by @edronco is broadcasting live from Oso for a special show. The stories look back at the devastation following the deadly landslide in 2014, and highlight the resilience of the community members who were affected. Listen 3-6 p.m.


Oso five years later: Remembering a community's resilience and looking forward. Listen to @npratc with host @edronco today 3-6 p.m., as we share stories of loss and healing ahead of tomorrow's somber anniversary.

MORE: https://t.co/Ma1tuLovCH | 📸: @parkermblohm

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